Industrial solutions

Industry Solutions

Developing innovative, effective automation solutions that enhance productivity and effectiveness

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Automation Solutions

Our experienced and proven pedigree of exceeding expectations means we’ll deliver the right solution for you.
Effective Solutions

Effective Solutions

Keeping our clients ahead of the innovation curve and delivering a sound return on investment for them.
Effective Solutions


CODESYS is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.

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• Full room, chemical free disinfection
• Precise distance measuring products

DAJO Solutions:

Delivering innovative, effective automation solutions and supporting strategic growth

To get the right automation solution You need an in depth understanding of the problem to be solved. That’s why we ask about objectives before we talk about methods. Ensuring you get a solution that not only works for you right now, but will continue to deliver productivity, efficiency, and profitability gains in the future.

So, no matter whether you work in construction or Environmental ControlDistribution or Manufacturing. In Panel building, or in the industrial vehicle industry. We have automation solutions that will support you. Enabling you to develop your processes and products through the use of cutting edge automation technology. Not only that, we have the case studies to prove it. They didn’t happen by accident either, our tried and tested development process is our not so secret sauce and it gets results, every time.

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Download our free Automation Solutions Catalogue

Automation Solutions Catalogue

Find out how DAJO Solutions can help you take advantage of the latest automation technologies

??? What is ???

LEAN Automation

LEAN automation

And more importantly how can it help your business?

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

What does the Internet of Things mean for your next generation products?


CoDeSys Training for beginners

Find out more about the backbone of open source automation.

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