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The National Gallery’s refurbishment programme included enhancements to its cooling system. To support the implementation they decided on Moeller’s advanced automation technology, together with the expertise of DAJO Solutions. Together, they implemented a solution that met their tough requirements to enhance control and reduce costs.

The original system employed a system of six chillers. This was combined with main and auxiliary control panels for four compressors. A major limitation of this system was poor part-load performance.

To overcome this the auxiliary control panel was split from the main panel. Enabling individual control of the chiller units. At the same time this allowed the capability to match capacity to load more efficiently.

The new control system also faced an additional challenge. It had to integrate with an existing PLC controlling practically all of the building’s functions. This included climate control, power distribution and lighting. The solution was to network the new chiller controllers to a single Moeller PLC which then integrated with the existing system. This implementation not only allowed individual control of the chillers, it also enhanced the level of communication to and from the devices.

James Cheesewright, the National Gallery’s project manager explained: “The new Moeller system gives us the ability to control operating capacity according to demand. Delivering considerable energy savings over the previous system,”  He continued, “we have comprehensive control of the chillers, down to each compressor and evaporator fan, providing us with considerable advantages in terms of maintenance management,”


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