Fuelling Growth through Innovation

Fuel growth through innovation

When successful panel builders, CCSL in Hereford neared production capacity they had some tough choices to make. How could they continue to grow their business, while minimising the costs that would be incurred when moving to larger premises? They knew they had to make changes. They knew those changes had to support growth. So the question was ‘How can we fuel growth through innovation?’

The answer came in the form of an unobtrusive green ribbon cable.

They spent time investigating the bottlenecks in their production schedule. What they found was that point to point wiring of panels was the single biggest obstacle to continued growth. Further research into the issue revealed a solution. Smartwire-DT and DAJO Solutions.

Traditional panel V Smartwire-DT panelSmartwire-DT replaces traditional control wiring spaghetti with a single network cable, linking all the panel elements to the PLC and HMI. This entirely removes the need for individual wiring to control and I/O modules. As a side benefit, also often reducing enclosure sizes. CCSL’s technical abilities meant that implementing this revolutionary system was child’s play, instantly realising the benefits of reduced fabrication and commissioning time.

Another benefit of Smartwire-DT is data transmission. This delivers further time savings, and transparency, in the areas of set up, maintenance and fault diagnostics. Already being competent Easy and CODESYS programmers, CCSL were able to take advantage of the increased capabilities of Smartwire-DT. Delivering enhanced diagnostic and reporting for their customers.

On occasions where CCSL did need technical support DAJO Solutions was on hand, helping develop their abilities still further.

CCSL Director, Andy Combstock said: ‘Smartwire-DT enables us to deliver on the complex needs of modern industry. That, combined with the technical and customer support of DAJO Solutions keep us far in advance of what our competitors are able to deliver.’


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