DAJO Solutions increases client productivity by 10%

Increased control delivers increased productivity

Kevothermal, part of the Sealed Air Group, and the UK’s leading manufacturer of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) has received a significant productivity boost thants to DAJO Solutions.

As with many innovators developing new production methods, there was no ‘off the shelf’ solution for Kevothermal’s objectives. As a result they had developed and programmed their own machinery. And whilst effective, they knew there was room for improvement.

On that basis Kevothermal contacted 3S Software Development, the creators of CODESYS, the leading independent automation software for control engineering. With a view to reviewing and enhancing the control programme they had written. As 3S’s integration system partner in the UK, DAJO Solutions Ltd were invited to suggest improvements.

The core benefits DAJO were able to deliver for Kevothermal were:

  • More efficient control methodologies resulting in a 10% increase in productivity
  • Increased functionality, enabling operators to control more production lines each
  • Enhanced system usability requiring less training for operators to master
  • Comprehensive system documentation and reliable third party support
  • The ability to automatically gather and retain productivity data in real time

The key issue came from integrating functions of two machines on the production line that had controllers from different OEMs (Festo & Lenze) but in order to maximise efficiency they both had to communicate with each other. DAJO Solutions were able to overcome this issue due to their familiarity with CODESYS the programming language used by both OEMs.

Stuart Elliot, of Kevothermal said: “DAJO Solutions have not only increased our current levels of productivity, but have also given us a more user friendly system. The automation has simplified operations of our press and given us opportunities to reschedule our labour requirements”

As a direct result of the development Kevothermal are installing an additional production line which will also use DAJO Solutions control system. As well as considering further enhancements to their production lines to enable the manufacture of custom shaped VIPs.



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DAJO Solutions increases client productivity by 10%

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