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DAJO Solutions develops bespoke automation solutions with three key aims

Industry solutions
Developing time efficiencies

Doing more with less, including less time is an ongoing theme that industry must embrace in order to not just survive but thrive in the future.

Increasing effectiveness

Becoming more effective at what you do through quality, consistency and capability enables you to reduce costs and become more reliable and attractive to customers.

Extending product lifecycles

Developing your next generation of products to embrace emerging technologies can have a dramatic effect on market share and profitability.


Across six core industries


Don’t be a passenger in your business

Mobile Plant

Safety, Reliability, and Transparency come as Standard

Smart industrial vehicles have the capability to massively reduce overheads whilst at the same time delivering step changes in efficiency and safety.

Environmental Control

Precision control

Environmental Control

Maximising stability while minimising waste

What do you do when the difference between profit and loss is only a fraction of a degree? There is just one possible choice. You get it right, first time, every time.


Want to do more than shift boxes?

Electrical Distribution

Because your biggest opportunities need a solution

We work with our distribution partners to deliver integrated systems and solutions. Supporting ongoing customer retention and growth for everyone.


Supporting your product lifecycle


Helping you develop your next generation of products

When a product reaches maturity without a successor primed to take over, profits suffer. We help you realise just what your next iteration can do.

Panel Builders

Building panels the easy way

Panel Builders

Build them faster, build them better, build them smarter

We know panel building is a competitive industry. You have to stand out from your competitors in every way, our innovative solutions will help you do that.


From cranes to concrete mixers

Construction Industry

Safety and efficiency, bywords of the construction industry

Through our comprehensive array of construction industry experience we can support your constant drive to enhance in both of these critical areas, and reap the benefits of doing so.

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