Inustry Showcase: Distribution

Need to do more than just shift boxes?

That’s because your biggest opportunities want a solution

Customers are becoming more and more demanding. No longer do they simply want you to supply their needs. Now they want you to tell them what they need.

Electrical distributors need a vast breadth of product knowledge, making it impossible to have depth in many areas, particularly emerging areas like automation where the goalposts change daily.

We support our distribution partners to deliver that knowledge, develop that solution and source those boxes. And your position and relationship with the customer is strengthened because we aren’t distributors of electrical products.

You can find out more about how we help you source the right automation products and develop the right solutions on our Developing your Automation Application page.

Or to find out how we have helped our distribution partners why not check out our distribution case studies.


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Distribution Case Studies

Due to the confidential nature of our developments in this area we cannot currently show any case studies. You can view the rest of of our published developments on our solutions page.

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