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If you want to nurture talent, you have to start early

Northampton Engineering Training PartnershipRecruiting and retaining the right people to enable effective business growth is challenging to say the least. But with a national skills shortage it’s even tougher.

That’s why DAJO Solutions has teamed up with Northampton Engineering Training Partnership for the last five years.

Their mission is simple:

To create a pool of industry ready engineers of the highest calibre, and position the NETP as a unique example of good practice and collaboration between Academia and Industry, adding value to all stakeholders.

In that time we at DAJO have had the privileged position of being able to support students with work placements and interview experience, valuable skills that will support them as they set off on their new career paths. In return, we’ve managed to gain valuable R&D time, which otherwise would have been difficult to prioritise. We also get to see what they are really like, and if they would be a good fit culturally within our business over the longer term.

The University benefit too, it’s all part of a coherent strategy  to engage with commercial organisations. Supporting them to refine their courses, making them more relevant to industry and future employment. This strategy has worked, leading to Northampton University’s impressive statistic that over 97% of their graduates find full time employment.

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Mark Whitehead

Mark Whitehead

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Mark is an experienced Marketeer, and has been professionally converting coffee into ideas for over 20 years

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